The karuna executive team coaching program

Transformation depends on commitment and change at a collective as well as individual level. Explore hidden dynamics, unlock negative patterns and co-create positive change.


The Karuna Executive Team Coaching Program is designed to transform dysfunctional systems and create high-performing collective leadership. Through team building, coaching and mentoring, this unique executive team coaching program brings forth the full brilliance of each team member, elevating team performance and business success.


The executive team building, coaching and mentoring sessions will:

  • Define team purpose and desired collective impact
  • Diagnose dynamic systems that prevent the team from fulfilling its mission
  • Create a safe space to explore power dynamics and bring forward diverse viewpoints
  • Co-design behaviours that align with collective purpose
  • Examine and evolve collective leadership capabilities
  • Provoke, inspire and enable team transformation
  • Take a holistic approach to coaching the whole executive team through the process of exploration, growth and evolution.

Our certified coaches use a variety of methodologies in the application of the Karuna approach including executive team coaching, collective leadership, growth edge coaching, embodied intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Executive team coaching program outline

The Karuna Executive Team Coaching Program starts by diagnosing the team dynamic, including exploring the roles being played, conversational dynamics, power dynamics, issue resolution and diversity of viewpoints.

This is followed by three to six months of individual and collective executive team coaching to co-design new and effective ways of interacting and collaborating. Karuna Executive Team Coaching transforms team dynamics and upholds  collective purpose so that each team member can bring their unique talents to the benefit of the whole.

Some of the executive team coaching frameworks and topics that may be explored and applied include:

  • Exploring and defining team purpose, values, beliefs and how the team will collectively uphold these
  • Diagnosing how dynamic interpersonal systems undermine or enhance the team’s success
  • Holding a mirror up to the individual’s role in dysfunctional systems that undermine success
  • Co-creating foundational behaviours that support the team’s productivity, cohesiveness and collective impact
  • Developing individual and team accountability for upholding the agreed collective leadership principals
  • Executive team coaching to ensure sustained success through ongoing communication and feedback.



Benefits from the best executive team coaching in Australia

Teams that undertake Karuna Executive Team Coaching are better able to make sense of the systems and dynamics that underpin their collective effectiveness and impact.

Together, they can adapt their collective leadership style to achieve sustained and successful transformation.

  • Coach executive team to surface the behaviours – both individual and collective – that they believe are crucial to success.
  • Coach executive team to lead in alignment with their own purpose and values and those of the organisation; to better serve the business, its stakeholders, their peers and their people.
  • Create and harness collective energy and motivation to achieve exceptional leadership – increasing productivity, cohesiveness and collective impact.
  • Facilitate the uncovering of multiple perspectives, coaching the executive team to tap into its collective intelligence and leverage diverse viewpoints for sustained success.
  • Coach the executive team to shift dynamics, transform conversations and build collective leadership grounded in mindfulness, connection and broadened awareness.
  • Coach the executive team to bring their unique talents and skills to the benefit of the entire organisation by exploring new ways of interacting, collaborating and leading within the team dynamic.

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The Karuna executive team coaching approach gives leadership teams the confidence to pursue greatness, the perspicacity to navigate challenges and the leadership capabilities to make the difference in the world they were born to make.


The Karuna Coaching Program is designed for leaders who want to connect to their purpose, unlock their potential and redesign their work to make the difference in the world that they were born to make.


The Karuna Executive and CEO Coaching Program has been designed to support senior executives and CEOs seeking personal transformation and greater leadership impact.

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