Executive training programs to help you create a lasting legacy

Building executive leadership capabilities to drive transformation and generate sustainable, inter-generational impact

Being an effective and impactful executive leader in these increasingly complex and uncertain times has never been more challenging. The leaders of today are expected to not only fulfil their organisation’s mission while generating profit and benefits to all stakeholders, but to also reflect its values, develop their people and continually drive transformation in an ever-changing world.

The Karuna Collective executive programs include a one-on-one coaching program for leaders seeking personal transformation and greater leadership impact, as well as a group leadership development program for senior leaders and executive teams tasked with transforming their organisation to deliver significant, positive impacts beyond just commercial results and profit.

Our holistic and transformational executive programs will embed executives with new leadership capabilities and knowledge, while harnessing their existing strengths and talents, to create a new way of leading and a lasting legacy for their business.


A for-impact executive development training program

The For-Impact Leadership Program has been designed to build and enhance the strategic leadership capabilities of senior leaders and executives as a connected and unified group.

The program will equip participants with the frameworks and skills to deliver both commercial results and positive impact in an increasingly complex and unpredictable context.

This program will help groups of senior leaders and executives who are:

  • Responsible for a vision, mission or purpose that is centred on creating value for all stakeholders – not just shareholders
  • Leading organisational transformation that requires major cultural shifts in the way people think, act and deliver
  • Navigating unprecedented challenges and are under pressure to meet growing expectations of all stakeholders
  • Feeling like current leadership, strategy and problem-solving frameworks are limiting their ability to explore optionality, see possibility and create change
  • Seeking personal growth that is transformational, profound and allows them to be more expansive in their leadership and in delivering their legacy

The For-Impact Leadership Program has been developed to transform organisations through the transformation of its collective leadership. It is a holistic transformative experience that will forever change the way executives lead, work and live.

It is based on The Karuna Leadership Framework that has been built from experience leading for-profit, for-purpose, and impact-driven organisations. It is a layered approach that pulls from positive psychology, adult development theory, integral leadership, growth edge coaching, complexity and systems theory, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), strategic innovation and change management theory.

The program reflects The Karuna Collective philosophy of transformative leadership – that is, you cannot ask your people to change if you yourself haven’t deconstructed your old ways of being, doing and thinking and rebuilt them with intent and deliberateness for greater leadership impact.

The program has been built to be theoretical, experiential and immersive. The personal transformation for each executive will be profound. The collective leadership transformation will be inspiring.


An overview of our executive leadership program

The For-Impact Leadership Program can be delivered to groups of leaders or executives over a six or 12 month period to suit the degree of transformation required and the intensity of leadership development desired.

The program is curated for each organisation based on the executive team’s strategic intent, the experience of the participants, and the system dynamics at play in the organisation.

The program includes a combination of workshops, 360 degree feedback, 1:1 coaching, group coaching and applied and self-directed learning.


Key theories, frameworks and topics that will be explored and applied include:

Understanding the Self

  • Strengths-based approach to leadership
  • The Leadership Circle 360 degree feedback tool
  • Roles and mindsets
  • Growth vs fixed mindset
  • Designing for purpose and delivering for impact

Understanding the System

  • Cynefin framework for complexity
  • Systems thinking
  • Sensemaking and pattern making
  • Business model and shared value frameworks

Transforming the Self and System

  • Adult development frameworks
  • Collective leadership
  • Capabilities for complexity
  • Deliberately developmental practices
  • Complex adaptive leadership

Applying the theories and frameworks to the daily work of the team and needs of the organisation is critical to the program’s success and the achievement of sustained, inter-generational leadership impact. The consistent application in the context of the work creates the greatest shifts and transformation in the leadership capabilities of the individual and the strength and efficacy of the collective.


An executive leadership program to drive lasting change

This program has had a profound impact on executive leaders and has changed the way they see the world, the role they play in it through their work, and the impact they can create through transforming their leadership.

Leaders who have undertaken this program are:

  • Successfully leading major transformation programs with greater resilience, clarity and confidence
  • Adeptly navigating increasing complexity and volatility in their environment
  • Exploring and holding multiple perspectives, tapping into the collective intelligence of their people and leveraging the diversity of their teams
  • Leading through collaboration and connectivity versus power and control
  • Considering system dynamics and broader influences on the organisation they are responsible for when creating, designing and delivering strategies
  • Courageously embracing their differences and continuously challenging themselves to grow and evolve
  • Leading with both heart and head and experiencing alignment to their purpose and fulfilment in their work
  • Proving that what they do matters and will have a positive impact in the world and in the lives of the people they serve, now and into the future

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Coaching and mentoring programs for teams, leaders, executives and CEO’s

Built on the foundations of positive psychology, adult development theory, integral leadership, growth edge coaching, complexity and systems theory, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), strategic innovation and change management theory.

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Executive leadership program

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