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About our leadership development program

The Purpose-Driven Leadership Program is a group program that has been developed to support leaders working in organisations that have a strong sense of purpose and big ambitions to make a positive impact in the world.

The program is based on The Karuna Leadership Framework that was designed to establish a new form of leadership for organisations focused on delivering more than just profit. It will help commercial leaders, harness their purpose to expand their thinking and generate a greater positive impact in the lives of the people they serve – their shareholders, members, customers, employees and communities.

This program will help build commercial, impact-driven leaders who want to:

  • Translate the organisation’s purpose into action and create meaningful connections between their work, the work of their team and the organisation’s desired impact
  • Define and connect with their own purpose and help others do the same
  • Understand their strengths and how to use these for continuous growth and development
  • Design their work and the work of their team to deliver greater positive impact
  • Lead with both their head and their heart to deliver outcomes that are profitable and impactful.

The program will challenge leaders to experience both personal and professional development, explore self-awareness and mindfulness, strengthen peer collaboration, and embrace vulnerability to work with the unknown in the pursuit of continual evolution.

The program has been built to be theoretical, experiential and collaborative. It will enable leaders to undertake purposeful action and make a significant difference in the world through impactful, collective leadership.


Our leadership development program outline

The purpose-driven leadership development program includes four customised modules that can be delivered either face-to-face or via video conferencing

The program is designed to be flexible and fit the needs of the leadership team and their organisation’s strategic intent. The four modules can be delivered in fortnightly two-hour sessions via Zoom; or they can be compressed into two face-to-face sessions.

It is recommended that the four foundation modules are supplemented with two 1:1 coaching sessions for each participant.

A high-level overview of the program is provided below:

Module 1:

  • Articulating your current relationship to work and your fulfilment at work
  • Identifying stories and patterns from the past that shape your values, beliefs, behaviours and mindsets
  • Articulating your leadership style and its alignment with your values and beliefs

Module 2:

  • Identifying your strengths and superpowers and the application of these at work
  • Identifying the shadows to your strengths and how to focus your growth and development on rebalancing these
  • Designing the work of your team to leverage the diversity of strengths and create opportunities for collective growth

Module 3:

  • Connecting joy to strengths and redesigning work for greater fulfillment and impact
  • Identifying and articulating your purpose and desired impact. Connecting this to the organisation’s purpose
  • Developing the skills of commercial, purpose-driven leadership

Module 4:

  • Drafting a personal impact statement that helps connect your work with your purpose, reframes your work to leverage your strengths, design your work for growth and articulates the contribution you will make to delivering on the organisation’s purpose
  • Creating your leadership legacy


We offer the best leadership development programs in Australia

Leaders who have participated in this program are:

  • Leading in alignment with their purpose and enjoying more fulfilment in their work
  • Confident in their unique abilities and understand the power of the collective through a strengths-based approach
  • Leveraging diversity of perspectives and understanding the different experiences, stories and motivators of their teams
  • Positively pursuing opportunities for growth and amplification of their impact at work
  • Enjoying more highly engaged teams who are proud of the contribution they make to the organisation’s purpose

Organisations that support this program have:

  • Higher engagement and retention of people as they recalibrate their work to be purpose-aligned, generate more joy and create greater fulfilment.
  • Teams that are better utilising each other’s strengths and collaborating without competition
  • Greater appreciation for diversity as each person’s uniqueness is celebrated and leveraged
  • Rewired their culture for growth and continuous development based on strengths, purpose and impact
  • Demonstrated their commitment to being purposeful and impactful by supporting their people to live in alignment with their purpose and creating work that is meaningful and that contributes to the delivery of the organisation’s desired impact

Let’s support your leaders to deliver greater impact

The Karuna Collective is ready to help you use today’s challenges to create tomorrow’s leaders.


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