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The Transforming Teams program is a team development program that has been designed to build the collective leadership capabilities required to successfully navigate and continue to succeed in an uncertain future.

It has been built to support teams tasked with delivering ambitious programs of work, use today’s complex and unpredictable environment as the real-life case study to apply new ways of working, thinking and delivering.

This program will help teams who are:

  • Feeling the pressures of being asked to do more with less
  • Needing to think differently, problem solve quickly and leverage all perspectives and experience in the team
  • Craving more meaningful connection as they adjust to the distributed working environment
  • Wanting to make this year a career highlight by creating strong development frameworks within the team that ensures everyone grows and develops from this experience
  • Wanting to make a difference and deliver results that exceed expectations

The program has been designed to maximise your tight learning and development budgets and deliver a solution that will benefit the whole team. It has been built to develop and coach teams as a collective – to improve team dynamics and create collective accountability for transformation and peer-to-peer development.

This program helps leaders and teams establish new ways of working, thinking and delivering together, and build these practices into team rhythms, routines and rituals to achieve the desired results.

The development work is no longer kept in the classroom, it is built into the work of the team and is practiced every day. It is impactful and will make this year of change and challenge a personal and professional highlight and one to remember.


Our development course for team leaders and teams

The eight-week Transforming Teams Program includes a series of four fortnightly team coaching and development sessions and three one-on-one coaching sessions with the team leader.

NB: The program has been designed to be delivered in a distributed and digital way but can be compressed and easily taken into a face-to-face environment.

Leader Coaching Session 1
Understanding the team and its dynamics and the strategic objectives and responsibilities the team is tasked with achieving

Team Session Module 1
Understanding individual strengths and shadows (using Clifton Top 5 Strengths Assessment) to harness the diversity of the collective

Team Session Module 2
Understanding personal purpose and designing the work of the team for growth and impact

Leader Coaching Session 2
Maximising the untapped potential of the team

Team Session Module 3
Creating alignment between the organisation’s purpose, strategic priorities and the work of the team. Developing new team dynamics and ways of working with each other to deliver a greater impact

Team Session Module 4
Developmental team practices for everyday application – introduction and application of key frameworks for peer feedback, sense-making and problem solving

Leader Coaching Session 3
Supporting the growth of the team through the application of the frameworks and tools.


Team development program benefits

Your team will be stronger and ready to make the impossible, possible after this program as they walk away with

  • Confidence in their personal strengths and ability to grow from their shadows,
  • Clarity on their individual purpose and desired impact and how that fits into the context of their team and organisation
  • Collective accountability for team dynamics and peer-to-peer development
  • Capabilities in sense-making and pattern-making, perspective-taking and problem-solving
  • Conviction to make this year a year of growth, development and collective success

The combination of tried-and-tested modules have been proven to grow talent into senior roles, lift employee engagement and contribute to talent retention, as well as accelerating delivery and improving customer and partner NPS (Net Promoter Scores).

Let’s support your teams to transform

The Karuna Collective is ready to help you use today’s challenges to create tomorrow’s leaders.


Coaching and mentoring programs for teams, leaders, executives and CEO’s

Built on the foundations of positive psychology, adult development theory, integral leadership, growth edge coaching, complexity and systems theory, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), strategic innovation and change management theory.

Team development program

Create a vibrant and dynamic environment that accelerates development, leverages diversity of perspectives and drives outcomes

Leadership development program

Support to realise their potential and undertake purposeful action to make the difference in the world they were born to make

Executive leadership program

Cultivate progressive ideas and deliver transformative strategies that generate sustainable, inter-generational impact

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