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Peta is a different kind of HR consultant. She unleashes powerful business transformation through bespoke, tailored interventions.

Transform the people frameworks and behaviours that hold your organisation back from achieving strategic change.

Strategic, organisation-wide change requires transformative new ways of working. When transformation programs get ‘stuck’, this is often when an HR consultant is brought in to identify why people aren’t changing.

Outdated HR frameworks and undiagnosed cultural challenges are often at the root of the problem. Our HR consulting process will help you identify sub-optimal power structures and dynamics that prevent your people from realising their potential while stifling innovation.

Transformational change requires transformational new models to unlock the potential within your people and ultimately your business. However, in most organisations, processes haven’t fundamentally changed since the ‘90s.

More than a typical HR consultant, Peta works with leadership teams to diagnose the informal networks, structures and processes at play, identifying key themes and priority areas to focus on. She then works collaboratively to reimagine and redesign people frameworks to release change and drive the strategy forward.

Working with an HR consultant to create progressive people models doesn’t have to be a slow and time-consuming process. Our HR consulting process involves working with you in three key stages that will help you shift the dial – fast.

  1. Identify leadership challenges and implement effective, dynamic models of collective leadership
  2. Identify where performance can be enhanced and co-create effective performance models or management frameworks
  3. Create a talent mobility framework that enables individuals to move fluidly and contribute their skills and abilities across the organisation.

As a result, your people will be empowered to make effective decisions, break down siloes and deliver superior productivity and performance, leading to sustainable success.

How we’ve helped others

  • We work to understand the strategy of the organisation, it’s desired intent and outcomes from those accountable for it’s design and delivery (usually the executive team/ CEO/ board)
  • We interview a cross section of your people to determine the informal ways of working and cultural nuances that may be enabling or challenging your transformation/ change aspirations
  • We review your formal people frameworks/ processes and systems to ascertain how these help or hinder your transformation and reinforce old behaviours and ways of working or encourage new intent
  • We provide a report of recommendations and approaches that will create the greatest impact and support the acceleration of your transformation through your people
  • We work on co-designing and implementing these strategies which could include – leadership and team development, new ways of working, creating more dynamic people practices across the employee lifecycle, coaching individuals, creating new engagement and communication practices
  • We measure our impact to ensure we are making progress

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