Executive team coaching for business transformation

How can we transform an organisation, if our leaders stay the same? New and emerging approaches to executive team coaching focus on who we are being and becoming, and not just what we are doing at work. The collective leadership approach is about developing self-awareness – clearly seeing the part you play in the system and how you embody the qualities […]

Developing leaders for an unknown future

Humans strive for homeostasis, meaning we instinctively want to return things to ‘normal’. So, with its constant change, debilitating uncertainty and devastating impact on our best-laid plans, 2020 took us further out of our comfort zone than we’ve ever been before. As we emerge into a new and uncertain world, we need new and adaptive […]

Collective leadership skills for 2021 and beyond

View and download a PDF version here Unprecedented is the defining word of 2020. From natural disasters to explosions, and political instability to the global pandemic; today’s leaders are forced to respond to a more complicated and rapidly changing environment than ever before. Collective leadership is the answer. Leading through such complexity is like flying a […]

Executive leadership team development

Are you building more lone wolves or an adaptive wolf pack? How do you create a dynamic within the executive leadership team that sets the tone, pace and cultural norms for the broader organisation? As we know too well; as goes the leadership team, goes the organisation. But are we focussing our executive leadership development […]