Culture Change

People’s relationship and expectations of work are shifting.

Employees want purpose meaning and impact. Most businesses provide careers.

Progressive CEOs and Board Directors know that culture, psychological safety, wellbeing and belonging must be at the forefront of the transformation agenda.

We reveal what it truly *feels* like to work in your business and identify the disconnects between your vision and the lived experience of your people.

Need a partner who understands the future and can help co-create yours?

CollectiveID - A human first culture diagnostic.

Designed as an independent, qualitative diagnostic tool, Collective ID uncovers themes, insights and recommendations across four key drivers of culture.Through one-on-one interviews, we explore the symbols, systems and processes that reinforce the cultural DNA of your organisation to identify your magic, highlight your challenges and formulate recommendations for action.
We reveal what it truly feels like to work in your business. We create a safe, independent and neutral space to explore the lived experience of your people and cultural nuances of your business.

Peta Karunaratne – CEO & Founder

Benefits of our independently-led culture diagnostic.

How does Collective ID differ from other Employee Engagement Surveys?

Though well intentioned, most employee engagement surveys rarely turn a light on the shadows of your culture and those things truly frustrating your strategic ambitions.

They can be an echo chamber reflecting how psychologically safe your people feel at work.

At best, employees interpret surveys administered online as impersonal. At worst, dismiss them as a ‘tick-the-box’ exercise.

By its very nature Collective ID is deeply personal.

We work with you to understand your strategy and tailor the question-set and situational scenarios to uncover how your people think, feel and interpret each dimension of your culture to reveal the deep insights needed for meaningful change.