Team Development

Is your executive team working in ways that feel like the future they are creating?

The magnitude of change required to bring your transformation strategy to life relies on your leadership team’s ability to radically change the way they work, develop and lead.

By investing in the development of the collective, you drive new ways of thinking, problem solving and decision making that are inclusive, innovative, and built for the future.

It’s possible. It’s progressive. It’s transformative.

Are you accelerating transformation, or just measuring it?

Team based coaching is a powerful tool to fast-track growth, clarify goals and unlock potential.

At The Karuna Collective, we specialise in building the collective capabilities of teams to accelerate and amplify change.

Team coaching and development provides deep insights into team dynamics and helps:

We start by understanding the strengths, gifts and gaps of the collective.

People feel better and work harder towards their natural strengths.

The more your people are empowered to play to their natural gifts, the more effective and engaged your people become.

Using Gallup Strengths Assessment™ and Collective Leadership Assessment™, we reveal individual and team strengths, work styles, preferences, perspectives and motivations.

Our mission is to create alignment, drive cohesion and provoke self-discovery so each member of the team can answer:

Accelerate the change dynamic by investing in the growth of the collective.

It’s time to break down power structures and reliance on individual leaders.

Our proven team coaching methodology incorporates inquiry, deep listening, power dynamic observation and self-discovery. We work alongside your executive team on conflict resolution, decision making, possibility exploration and innovative problem solving, and leveraging diversity of perspectives and strengths.

Our customised approach helps you introduce and embed new ways of working, connecting, celebrating and performing, at a pace that’s needed to meet your transformation aspirations.

Build a team that works, develops and leads in ways that model the future they are creating.

In a future-fit team, each member of the collective understands: