A little more conversation, a little less action

People’s relationship with work is unravelling. Employees are tired, they are grieving for a ‘normality’ that may never return, and at the same time, they have tasted how a more personal, deeply human way of living (and working) might feel.  Here, we explore four tension points that signal unlearning and change for the way we […]

Finally! We’re designing work for humans first, not machines

Ding-dong, the office cubicle is dead! But it’s not the only box that needs breaking: nine box grids, ‘out of the box’ leadership programs, 2 x 2 matrices designed to help ‘tick-a-box’, all rigid frameworks designed to make machines more efficient, not people. It’s time for a human first approach to work.  Coach and consultant, Peta […]

Reimagining HR for a world full of humans, not machines.

As a coach and consultant to many senior HR executives, I have been known to say “let’s blow up the 1980s HR practices that no longer serve your business and the humans within it.” It’s time to rethink how we elevate and expand our experiences at work, so that our people – the humans in […]